Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Break Chains (2 Kings 8)

    This entire section is really interesting to me in a strange way. In verse 7-15, King Ben-hadad tells his servant Hazael to go talk to Elisha to see if he’ll recover. Elisha tells Hazael that the king will get better but he would die. 

    What does that mean? That is interesting to me because Elisha basically predicts the kings murder. Then Elisha starts to cry. Hazael asks, “what’s wrong?” Elisha says “I’m crying because, “God has shown me the evil you will do when you succeed the king.” Hazael goes back to the king and tells him, “ you will surely get better,” Hazael finds some opportunity to be the king and Hazael kills Ben-hadad.
    This entire section is amazingly fascinating to me. Hazael knows what will happen and still does it. There is just something wrong about that. There is something really raw and genuine too. Hazael apparently didn’t believe it however God saw the evil in his heart.

      We follow our hearts desires no matter if we know the bad it will produce or not. Seriously ask yourself, do you actually eat that cake even if you know for a fact that you’ve already indulged yourself on enough fat foods for the day? You do it for the instant rewards right? You aren’t looking down the line. I can’t tell you how many times I knew the wrong actions in my head wouldn’t produce a good thing and I still did them. I did them because I wanted to do it! I did it because it would bring something that was an instant gratification. I knew I would need to make-up with God. Why would I do it? Because I am a selfish man. I am trapped in this body.

     Only Jesus Christ is our hope. Only He can break the chains of evil against myself and against Him.... Thank You Jesus my Lord! You are our only hope. You are our rescuer. Jesus, I love You! I worship You with all my heart, soul, strength, mind and life. You hold me from the evil in my heart.


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