Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Learning Contentment Elijah’s Way (1 Kings 17)

    Sometimes we might wonder what God’s doing? I was reading in 1 Kings 17 and realized ,Elijah is an awesome man of God. By the word of the Lord, Elijah said there would be a drought. God then told Elijah to live for a bit over at the brook Cherith east of the Jordan. God told the birds to feed him there. He’d get bread the in the morning, meat at night and he got water from the brook.
    I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see that. I’m amazed by Elijah. He just went to this deserted place living by the brook having faith in God’s provision and He commanded birds to feed him? If I was just told to go there I’d start asking God, “ God is this where you want me now?” When God places you anywhere, we just start to wonder. Maybe I’m just impatient. We live in this nation where we get everything instantly when we want it, even when God is providing, and we’re not feeling the urge to move/go anywhere. We (I) just need to be content with what we have. God’s not going to spoil us. He doesn’t want too.

       What would happen if God spoiled me? I’d probably get more lazy and be even more hesitant to go and do anything for Him. I can just be content right now. He’s given us food, water and a way to pay the rent. I can just be content with my daily bread, meat and water. I’m not dying. My family and I are fine. Everything is in His hands.

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