Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When Everything is in Your Hands….(2 Samuel 11)

"In the spring of the year, the time that kings go out to battle..."That right there, is the key phrase. It could read, " In the spring when the weather is good in the year. When rules usually head out to defend their country, David, the ruler of Israel took a break and stayed home." It's really easy to get complacent when you’re tired, everything is in your hands, and you get an opportunity to take a break. I think in my life when I sin the most is when I’m tired and everything in my hands. This life is tough sometimes, it’s very very simple to pity yourself. It’s simple, to give in to sin. Sin always seems to be pounding at the door, it can be subdued but it always seems be more loud when your weak. There is a good reason why Jesus says, “come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”- Matthew 11:28-29
    I love this verse quite a lot guys. When we’re stressed and life isn’t making sense (even the goldfish died). He is there for us. Don’t wait until you can feel Him give you comfort, just believe and have “faith” in His promise that He is holding you. Genesis 15:6 says that God called Abraham because He believed God, not in God, that is a given, believed in God’s words. That right there is salvation, when you believe who you believe your friend? If you don’t, you two probably aren’t even friends or even good friends if you don’t even believe them. It takes two  to make a relationship. If your friend already you a lot why don’t you believe them?
     Let’s bring this back to reality, God promised a lot. He didn’t just promise a lot, He’s a friend who gave a lot. So He has a good follow through history. He first gave us this beautiful world. He gave us the capability to see it, smell it, and even taste it. Then He historically came to the earth and died for us because it’s impossible to live perfectly. You can even examine history and see for yourself that God Himself stepped out of heaven and became a man to die for us. I personally suggest a reading of Josh McDowell’s “Evidence That Demands a Verdict.” It’s very good read. It’s not easy though, it’s a heavy examination of the evidence he found. Josh McDowell was once an atheist. That speaks volumes.
      Back to it, God gave us a rather large gift that we can see, taste, and touch but with the good comes the bad. He gave us choice to do what we want. That’s why there is good along with bad. True freewill will give us a choice. He (God) wanted true freewill. The possibility that there is good is a signature of design. Good and bad are like light and dark, cold and hot. Dark isn’t something, it’s the absence of something. Bad (definition: deficient, imperfect, defective, amateurish, neglectent) isn’t a “thing,” it’s the absence of good. Negligent is neglected (if you get my meaning of the word), it means someone didn’t pay attention to prepare it, or maintain it. Bad isn’t necessarily evil yet. Evil is deliberately trying NOT to do it the way that God designed. It means, you know in your head, the correct direction to go and deliberately try to go a different direction.
      If we don’t watch ourselves, we could move from bad to evil for our own selfish purposes. Thank God He gave us a way out.  Bad is by definition (or at least partially) “defective.” When we do bad or “sin” against Him (sin: “missing the mark”), our Father (cause our parents get hurt when their kids do wrong), we hurt ourselves too. Yes, ourselves! It’s like when your parents told you as a child not to play in the street. Why? We could get run over or injured.

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