Monday, September 29, 2014

Humble like a Lamb

      I've debated ALOT of people in my experience with trying to let people see what God did for us. One day I was thinking about people and my frustration. I thought, "why can't they see what God did for us. There is so much evidence scientifically, historically, socially and logically."
      I had since my 20's, gave up trying to convince people with logic. People can't initially believe with their minds. I'm not saying, "you can't think." I'm just saying our preconceived notions, our pride, and fear get in the way like a blockade.
      Jesus is brilliant. He said, "they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven (mark 4:12). This is not a sad verse. God isn't preventing people from hearing and seeing. Jesus was just stating a fact. If "they" (people in general) humble themselves they can see and hear! We don't know anything about the spiritual world everybody. That is the truth. We've never seen it, I hope none of us are dead yet.
      I was recently thinking about my frustration with an individual, I thought, "It's like they're blind, how can I even show them Jesus? They'll die if I fail! They won't go to heaven!" Then God brought to my mind, "come as a little child (Matthew 18:3)." I realized God used stories to relate salvation to people and said, we need to humble ourselves and become like little children (to enter heaven)! What do little children do? They trust the one with authority and are humble. That doesn't mean, "never learn anything." He gave us brains to think. Our brains allow us to realize who He is, then we can turn and be amazed at the One who is all. At the start of knowing God, we need to come with our eyes and ears as a child. We aren't that cool. The Lord is perfect. He is our King, He is our ultimate provider, He is love, and our peace when the waters are out of control around us.
      Knowing the truth of who He is, is true humility.

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