Monday, July 28, 2014



   Israel was delivered, they served the true God for a little while but then when Joshua died, a generation rose up that did not know God. They "whored" after other gods.
      That is an interesting and true term. They in a sense cheated on their husband. He is the God of all , the rescuer of them, and their good Father but they didn't have the sight to see it. They whored after other gods. I see my generation in America kind of like that. We have really short attention spans for things in general. I see any deviation from the true God (turning to money, to alcohol, other people, friends, to sex, etc. as the point of life), as this generations "whoredom." We get to thinking that these other things will be our provider, but they will fail us.
      Lord God, You are the only hope that we have. You are my only strength. You are my Lord. For as long as I live I can't, not admit that You are strong. You are powerful.You are life. You are lovely. You are "having a heart that appeals to the heart AND mind as well as to the eye." You are Lord, I love You.

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