Monday, April 28, 2014

Blessings and Curses realization

     Lord, your blessings are great but so are your curses....I'm almost glad you didn't strike a deal with my people, not because I'd be afraid that i'd do wrong but because I can't control other people's minds and desires.
     Lord, I'm glad I know you! You are faithful to be with me. You even go out after the lost sheep! The reason that Your promises & curses were soooo very harsh and glorious was primarily because the Israelites were the people who would bring Jesus the Christ to earth to bring salvation to all of humanity! That wasn't just a vow with Abraham, it was a vow made to save the whole of humanity! You can raise a people of God from a rock of the earth but it was through love as the reason that you used Abraham's line. Abraham loved you and you were returning it as a gift to him by using him in your plan.

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