Monday, May 14, 2012



I think “oneness” is a very foundational concept for Christianity. It’s been growing in my heart, this whole need for “oneness” and close community. God wants that. It’s beautiful how he made us to be separate persons but brings us together. He wants this because He wants us to be imitate His own “Oneness.”  His Oneness is perfection to the maximum. It’s sometimes amazing if you think about it, one, and only one, seems incomplete, but 3 in 1 is perfect. That covers all the angles. Not that one part can’t do, (they can all do the same part)but one part is specified to do that, He has certain responsibilities. I can can make a structure, but I’m not specified for that. I don’t want to be confusing. God wants us to be “one,”  not in competition, but because that’s perfection. It’s like why, is dirt brown? it just is, if you think about it, it covers a variety of different colors as a base. White light covers all of the spectrums of light scientifically. That’s how it works...why is water wet? That allows for movement through our body if ingested and for the climates to function. The characteristic of it allows for existence. Why does three with God equal one? He just does, and must.


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