Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unity (1 Corithians 7:1-16)

I think of the beauty God made for us to enjoy. Unity with someone other than just yourself is how we were meant. Pure unity is beautiful. It's a balance where one guards for the other to make themselves whole. Not only partial anymore, but a complete being. Our bodies not our own. I believe the making of a man and woman, is to make us whole. God being One is complete in and of Himself, He is whole. For us to be like that would be near God-like. We don't want that, there can only be One. We don't understand it, but He has perfect unity in Himself. There is no part of Him that needs or desires anything like us. For me, part of me wants a candy bar, part of me wants to be rich and famous. The other part of me wants a carrot and wants exercise. The part of me that doesn't want riches and popularity reasons that, that would be alot of strain on me. With money comes alot of responsibility. I would much rather be content with depending on God for money (He got me this far), He takes the responsibility there. Maybe someday... With fame I would have the strain of always saying the right thing. I would have the strain of doing the most awesome thing and in style. I'm just not ready for that. In God He is perfect love. He is perfect life. He has money, He has fame, but He is big enough to take it. And for that I'm thankful. In a deep relationship our unity isn't "perfect" but it does the job. God has perfect unity in Himself, and this God loves His creation. He would humble Himself to save us. He always wins. I love you God.

p.s. thank you girl for a nice start :) It's funny how my devotional for the day matched up.

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