Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trying my hand at evangelism

Today was rather interesting. God had been for a while pressing my heart to actually reach out and have an outlet for evangelism. I decided to ride the bus because usually the bus has this category of people on it... poor, really young, old, disabled, or had a tough life. My real goal was simply to be open enough to start conversations (because on a bus that's easy).

1. Before I went, I prayed that God would give me some words, however, I don't know how much He gave me. At first I had an interesting conversation with a 20 something guy, we somehow got to talking about death and where you will be when you die, I think it made the guy think a little bit. I know when we pray, God opens up conversations. I don't know how much that helped anything, but God does what He does and I can leave it at that.
2. I stopped at Neighborhood church, took a little leadership class, and then went off again. I was waiting for the bus and God was using that book "The Shack" to speak into my heart about what it means to love someone or have a relationship with them.
3. I got back on the bus and the conversation back wasn't to much, but I got off at target where I started. I saw a homeless fellow named Bob. I gave him a little macdonalds card, he didn't look like he cared for it much but I asked him about himself anyways. He was a vet in the Vietnam war and with an E-4 rank. I didn't really establish to much with him except to let Him know someone cares about Him. I wish I had said something about God but for now I just talked to him about himself.
4. I went into target and came out and a guy started to evangelize me...when I told him I was doing the same thing today, he started giving me papers on how to evangelize haha. It was definitely and interesting day....

Over all, I think I will pray more, and next time bring a friend. God definitely opens up opportunities if we are sensitive.

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