Sunday, February 28, 2010

Greener Grass to Come

I asked God where I should go to spend time with Him today. I wanted to go to the chapel on campus, but He drew me to the outdoors underneath the little roof near the pond at Simpson. As I stepped under, the rain came harder as if it was just waiting for me to find cover. I've always wondered why my relationship with God is so...outside. God reminded me that I'm going to be in places that are hard to go. I need to find Him in the beauty He made.

I love how You draw me to an exciting relationship with You. And it's not just me, when we seek You desperately Lord, my Jesus, Beloved, I can't wait to run with You unashamed of anything ever again. To know the beauty You are, to walk on greener grass than I can describe, to be in perfect unity with You and the beautiful people You made. I love how You invite us, children, to be Yours. We were always Yours, and You fought valiantly to protect us under the shadow of Your wing. Jesus, thank You for the true, "living water" out of Your love, for those who desire to be rid of these rags and free in the unity and power of Your name. I love You Jesus. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and I pray that You would allow unity with Your people on earth, as a pre-shadow of Your love and glory to come. I love You Jesus, Your name is power and glory forever and ever.

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