Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Of Renown (Luke 3:23-38)

One thing I like to think about is being in some sort of great story. Maybe even some sort of hero in that story. We as a society are constantly bombarded with these stories of heros saying "you are something special," but we leave the movie, or get done with the book and go to work, go to school, maybe we have a girlfriend or a boyfriend we met in a completely ordinary way and forget who we are. We think, "we are not in these stories." I know we have those dreams in the back of our minds. It's the reason shows like "heros" are so popular, why those kids in high school played with magic cards at lunch time, and the reason every year a new superhero movie comes out and people flock to see it. It's why people dressed up to see the Lord of the Rings or stand in huge lines to see the new Harry Potter movie. Our desire to be in that great adventure is peaking out through desperately. I want so badly to think of those childish fantasies and to know they're true. I never dreamed that it was true, until Jesus came along.

The gospel of Luke describes this Son of man not merely coming as a small child, but storming the beaches as armies of angels sing about his victory in once lonely fields. Luke doesn't describe Jesus as a story and only a story, but as a real historical figure and fact, who uniquely fulfilled the ancient prophesies. His foretold genealogy is proved in Luke 3:23, not beginning with Abraham like in the gospel of Matthew does, but from the beginning of all humanity. It all started with Adam, "the son of God" (Luke 3:38). He was the first son of God. Adam messed up in the garden, but as the snake crept in again, Jesus came later proving that he was able to stand the test of temptation where Adam failed. It wasn't proven in a garden this time, but here in the wilderness. It's a real irony that the spirit led Jesus into a deserted land demonstrating a real life result of the first choice by Adam in the beginning. Jesus isn't surrounded by food like in the garden, but instead he's surrounded by hunger. The tester is the Prince of this world, but Jesus prevailed where the rest of us couldn't. Luke goes through and names ancient rulers of the time in complete accuracy, not slipping up with a single historical event. By this he was proclaiming this Christ as a man who actually walked this earth. We're in this story for all time. This is reality.

David was given a promise in 2 samuel 7:13-14 of a kingdom that will never pass away. We as a people are between the resurrection of the historical Jesus Christ and the coming of him again with power. We live in this amazing story. Someday when it's all over, and this kingdom is established, the new heaven and earth will see us and we'll tell the story of how we lived on the same earth that the savior of the universe walked on as a man. Death and murder will be a shadow and the king will have returned to rest on his throne. We're in this epic story of hate versus love. The ultimate story, the ultimate battle and the undying love for one another. We are the men and women of renown old times in a time where the enemy is still at large. Gird your loins, move to battle my brothers and sisters. This is the only time of battle that ever will be again. Lets give them hell.

Take strength...
"For this I (we) toil,struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me."
-colossians 1:29

"He has delivered us from the domination of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son,in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins."
-colossians 1:13

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