Sunday, January 4, 2015

Servanthood (John 13:1-20 pt. 1)

   After work, every evening when I get home, my feet are always extremely dirty. There is always a black film glossing over my feet.
    I decided to take a shower to get off the grime. I remembered the story of Jesus at the last supper taking off His “outer garment” and beginning to wash the feet of His disciples. Think about it, these 12 had been through some amazing, amazing things. Water walking, the transfiguration, the feeding of a bunch of people and numerous healings of many different kinds of things, you name the illness. It was quite an amazing 3 years. They knew He was the messiah, the Christ, a king in the line of David in an earthly sense but now the King in a heavenly universal sense too! The God who made the earth , the seasons, little atoms was now washing their feet? What kind of God is this? What kind of humility? Doing the job of a servant? And now they are to be servants to each other as well as the world?
     It’s the Christmas season now, I look again at Jesus, the baby. God Himself made Himself into a man to come close to us, to be a servant? If you think about it, we can’t move forward with humanity if we focus on self. It’s really the best way to relate to other people. For example, to make conversation happen, a good strategy I actually learned from my dad is to ask other people questions. Where do you live? Do you like it? What do you like about it? People like to tell you. It also makes them feel like they had a good talk. Servanthood is a way to increase love to others, in turn that increases unity. God is all about unity, He always has been from the beginning. He’s taking us in incremental steps to this unity. Eventually His unity will be perfect. He always makes His way, in the end.

(My actual photo of feet after work)

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