Friday, March 28, 2014

Destruction In Imminent

        God has so many laws and rules that He requires of the children of Israel in the OT. He’s pretty specific. It’s kind of a natural rule that things that are really specific are very important. God is trying to describe the one way that sin is paid for, what it costs. Sin costs death. There is no way around it. You can’t buy, cheat or steal your way around the fact that doing wrong things will kill you. I’m not using that in anyway other than the literal way, “wrong things,” as opposed to the right way to do it (the right way to: fix a car, run, play a game). You must follow the right way according to the rules. The rules for living life are built into life as we know it. For example, if you eat unhealthy and don’t exercise, your going to get fat. You can’t deny it ,there are wrong ways to live. If there are wrong ways, doesn’t that mean there is a right way to live? If you know the right pathway through the forest, that means you know the correct path.
            We messed up, God is saying that something without blemish has to die. If we want to have His true life, we need perfection. Israel can’t be perfect, we can’t be perfect enough to be with Him. We need a representative for the entire human race. God knows this. He knows that true life is only through perfection we can’t meet. God decides to pay the price for us. God must be perfect to live and give life.
         That leads me to another question that needs thought. Did God need something to die for Him? The answer is No. For something to die and be really a real price for anything that sins, it would need to be greater. Try to wrap your mind around this. I’m not even sure I can. God has always existed like He is. Think of this, we know and can imagine an absolute chaos, doesn’t that mean there is an absolute order? God is that absolute order. He is perfect. He is the exact opposite of the spectrum. It is very well understood that nothing can create nothing, 0+0 = 0. Everything in existence is on a downward spiral becoming more disordered. The only way to evolve (unless you live and think) is to de-evolve. Everything is becoming less to reach a higher state of entropy. Every living thing becomes less. Procreation is the “new” you but there is still DNA/ genetic junk passed along. It’s a prolonged death of all of humanity. Eventually we’ll all die as a human race, not evolve to a high state as the secular world predicts.
           Christ is God. God split into different parts all coequal, simply different roles. Each can perform the others role just fine, they are God. Jesus was predicted to come and die for all of humanity. You can find all of these predictions in the bible written thousands of years before He came. If we call out to Him and ask Him to be our representative, He will. That’s why He came in the first place. He came to save us all from death!
          Thank You Father, You are the One, the Savior of us all!

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