Saturday, October 5, 2013


I've been thinking about this lately....

     The problem with intelligence, The question goes, if design is required to create the universe, wouldn't design all the more be required to create the creator?

     First you must keep in mind that if a designer requires a designer, everything else in the universe applies to the same concept. The proof that the question asker knowingly or unknowingly  infers is that something must eternally exist, and this is a very well founded and true point. If something must always require a creator, there must be something in the universe, with some absolute, that existed eternally because we are all here. The question is, what is this
    Keep in mind that it is a well known philosophic truth that nothing can come from nothing. Since the discovery by hubble, and the hubble law, we know that the universe as we know it had a beginning. Before that time, Einstein believed along with the major scientists of the world that the universe was eternal. It came to be a surprise to scientists when they discovered that there must have been a beginning. 

      In most peoples minds, it is easier to imagine an absolute nothing and that for forever in the past nothing existed ,and then everything came into existence. Everything in our being says that everything has a beginning and an end. In our eyes, we live, and we die ceasing to exist. You can think of nothing that has not had a beginning and an end. What if there was an absolute something? What if at all times at anytime in the universe there was always an absolute something. We must believe that something for all time existed, the question here that will be inquired upon is whether it is more logical to believe that the absolute that always existed was one of three things: an absolute nothing, the natural materials in the universe, or whether there was an intelligent absolute that always existed.      If  you are an evolutionist, you must agree that for all time something existed to make what we have today. Since the laws of the universe prevent life occurring from nothing and order forming without author, it would only be logical to assume that the infinite nothing was an infinite absolute of power rather then an infinite absolute of nothing.

    Lets discuss those three choices. You must believe either that this infinite absolute of the universe was an infinite nothing, all existing random material, or an absolute power. We know that it could not be an infinite nothing for one reason, an infinite nothing means that nothing exists, and therefore nothing could be here today. The second is a middle ground which believes that something for eternity existed but that everything came together through random chance or the big bang theory. We know that because of natural law, life has never been observed to come from death. Life has always come from life. Order in the universe is always breaking down to create disorder. The entropy of the universe is always increasing. If there was a something for all time, does it make sense to say that, that something (space dust, energy) created us by random chance? We are incredibly complex, our DNA is a map of information, can a lack of knowledge create information? Since there are only three possible choices for how the existence of life, humans, and anything in the universe came to be, we must come to the conclusion that this infinite was an infinite power, who is what we properly and philosophically have come to name as God. To answer the final and beginning question “If design is required to create the universe, wouldn't design all the more be required to create the creator?” We must conclude that this absolute power must be completely absolute, meaning there is nothing greater. He is the Alpha and Omega. There can be no creator of this creator because nothing can be great enough to create him, he must be “absolute.” If there is an absolute power in the universe, order, knowledge, and the universe as we know it is perfectly explained. It isn’t so hard to believe because at the same time an evolutionist believes that matter and energy existed for all time. It would be improper to question where God if one isn’t allowed to question an evolutionist where matter and energy came from. Besides this, there must be absolute in the universe if you can grasp the concept I was trying to explain in earlier paragraphs. Who denies an answer that fits for an answer that has many questions, and unproved theories(evolution)? Does this make sense?

-Matthew Kelly

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