Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AFFLICTION (2 cor. 1:1-11)

I hardly even know the meaning of the word "affliction." When have I ever been persecuted with affliction in any real way? Paul in 2 cor. 1:1-11 experienced such pain that he and his company wanted to simply die. They were sick of life and even "despaired in it. These men couldn't help but spread the good news that Jesus came of his throne to save us from our sins. So in that, they were tortured or beat. They cried out to God in their pain and God rescued them. They were taught to rely on God. If anyone wants to be stronger in God, they should simply do one thing, seek Him. He will teach you to rely on Him through trial, in love, so that you are not ignorant and spoiled. You will be put in the fire, the impurities burned off, you will rely on Jesus Christ, the author of all perfection. Jesus is the author of all the beauty you see whenever you look out the window. The God who wants you to trust on Him is the same One who lets the snow fall on the mountains, the beauty of a finch jumping from branch to branch, and the cool dewy rain to make a morning look new while the ground and trees sparkle. He wants to craft your heart with that kind of beauty. This is the adventure doctrine.

Matthew Kelly

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