Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've spent time talking to many atheists in my time. They deny that Jesus is who he is. I constantly have to go back to my sources and cite everything to them over and over again. So I dedicate this blog to God, the true Father. I'll most likely post my own thoughts, but first and foremost, I'm going to lay down some very basic evidence for Jesus Christ,fully cited. If there is any question or controversy over it, let me know and I'll add to it or refine the blog to make it more understandable. Nothing is worth anything without love. I do this with love.

The Promised Christ?
The Jewish people for many years knew and expected a coming savior. There are over 300 identified prophesies describing the Messiah in the Old Testament that the Jewish people relied on. Just like the Jewish people expected a savior to rise up to save them from Egypt rule and release them from the strong fist of slavery, the Jewish people began to believe that God would again politically deliver them from the Roman empire. 1 First the term Messiah appears 39 times in the O.T (Old Testament).Lets examine some of the most blunt prophesies about the Messiah.

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